How partnering with us works

It's simple, friendly, efficient and results driven

5 Steps

  1. Submit the information for your deal by clicking below (an accurate repair estimate and pictures are required)                                                    

  2. We will review your deal and schedule a time to speak over the phone.                                                   

  3. We will send you a Joint Venture Agreement via Docusign.                                                

  4. We market the deal to our investors, find one to buy your deal, and only take 45% of the assignment fee at closing.                                         

  5. Shake hands and continue working together going forward

*CALL US if you have any questions! (215) 595-1212*

What is co-wholesaling? 


There are 2 parts to a wholesale deal: marketing to find a deal to get it under contract, then finding a buyer to close on it for you. With co-wholesaling, you only have to find the deal, and a partner finds the buyer, or vice versa. The 'assignment fee' is then split at closing.
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