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It's a pleasure to meet you all. Our names are John Smart (Smarty) and Michael Catalano. 

Smarty forged an amazing career for himself at IBM, starting four tech companies and later having them acquired. After enjoying his successes, he discovered his true passion for real estate and shifted his efforts ever since. 

Michael recently attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he pursued a degree in Finance. After leaving school in December of 2017, he began a career as a professional soccer player. His father had many successful ventures in real estate. Michael always wanted to follow in his footsteps. He has been an avid soccer and real estate professional since the departing of college. 

We met at a local real estate networking event and we immediately realized that we shared similar values and goals for real estate. 

We both had a vision of providing homeowners with an easier method of selling, improving the quality of housing through redevelopment, and connecting all real estate professionals one interaction at a time. ProEdge Investors became our vehicle to bring this vision to fruition. 

As we became more involved in the industry, we started to notice a huge problem for homeowners that were looking to traditionally sell a home in need of improvements. These homeowners or their realtors couldn't find a buyer willing to take on a project. Most people want to move into a home that is beautiful, not something that needs updating. ProEdge Investors exists to solve that problem. We provide homeowners with an easy way of selling a home in need of improvements, big or small. 


We look forward to helping you, in any way that we can. 


- Michael and Smarty 

Smarty & his wife, Sharon

Michael Catalano

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